What is GIS and how can Esk Spatial help you?

According to National Geographic, “A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. By relating seemingly unrelated data, GIS can help individuals and organisations better understand spatial patterns and relationships”. If your organisation is looking to unlock the full potential of GIS, then Esk Spatial is your go-to partner. Please reach out, as we’re here to help!

Some areas in which we work

We’ve completed countless projects helping many diverse organisations. Here’s a small taste of what we do…

Recreational assets and planning

Optimise your public assets and investment strategies with Esk Spatial's GIS solutions Are you struggling to keep track of the maintenance needs for your organisation's[...]

Tourism and regional dispersal

How GIS is revolutionising dispersal analysis and investment attraction. If you manage a local tourism destination, it's crucial to understand how visitors disperse throughout[...]

Volumes, measurement and excavation

Drone-based measurement with GIS is amazing. Faster, more accurate and affordable. Are you looking for a faster and more economic way to understand volumes, stockpiles,[...]

Property Management

Property planning with GIS is affordable, geographically accurate and fast. Esk will revolutionise your next project. Looking to make property planning and development fast, easy[...]

Conservation and riparian zones

Let GIS accelerate planning and management for better environmental outcomes. GIS technology can be a powerful tool for planning and managing riparian zones and other[...]

Cemeteries and historic sites

Streamline the management of historic sites and cemeteries with Esk Spatial's GIS technology If you're an organisation responsible for managing historic sites and cemeteries, Esk[...]

National leaders in forest and carbon

Supporting you navigate through forestry and carbon and the emerging Nature Repair Market

Esk Spatial is a leading Australian firm providing Plantation suitability modelling, carbon modelling and FullCAM modelling services. Plantation suitability modelling uses geospatial data to identify areas suitable for specific tree species, guiding afforestation efforts and resulting in higher carbon sequestration rates. Forest carbon modelling estimates carbon stocks and fluxes in ecosystems to determine the impact of land use changes on the global carbon balance.

FullCAM Modelling is a comprehensive carbon accounting model the Australian Government uses to estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals, supporting national and international reporting on climate change and informing policies related to carbon pricing and emissions reduction targets. Let Esk help you turn your plantation plans into a commercial venture.

Our Process

Our teams and expertise in GIS can help you navigate complex projects with complete ease.


We utilise various techniques to collect data including GPS, aerial photography, satellite imagery, field surveys, and remote sensing. Our team works diligently to capture the most precise and reliable data possible. We also clean and integrate data with third-party systems through customised APIs ensuring we capture everything you need.


At Esk Spatial, we leverage ESRI and other advanced spatial systems to integrate geographic data, providing you with precise, comprehensive, and insightful spatial reporting. Our insights provide a deeper understanding of geospatial data and can help you make informed decisions based on the analysis and visualisation of this data


At times, it’s said that how you present information is just as important as the information itself. At Esk Spatial, we understand the significance of a visually striking, engaging, and interactive presentation format that can make your project stand out. Whether you are pitching for government funding or presenting to your board or council, our team can help put your project on the path to success.


Ready to unleash the power of GIS into your business?

We would welcome the opportunity to engage with you and to discuss how we can support your GIS needs.